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Today My Heart Breaks

As some FPS readers know, I’ve been involved in immigrant rights (on a local and national level) for many years. We’ve had defeats, but also some victories. That fight has brought me to the streets and to the Capitol where I’ve lobbied members of Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers. This is such a sad day in America. I can only hope the darkness will lead to light.

AP Photo by Jacqueline Martin


4 comments for “Today My Heart Breaks”

  1. Claire says:

    Wendy, thanks for your work on this. I am so ill over people who think because there were born here they are somehow more American and more deserving to live here than these children and young adults. I am also so disgusted by human beings being called “illegal”. I faxed my senators using a text service I recently found. It was so easy.

  2. Petra says:

    And now Trump is backtracking, which is bringing a chance to make DACA permanent. Thankfully some good news in what was a sad day for basic goodness.

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