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Setting Down Single Roots

I’m a nester. When traveling, I unpack my bags right away and position my book on the night table by the bed so that it feels familiar, as if I’m at home. We didn’t move around much in my family. I spent most of my childhood in one house and it’s always been important for me to create roots, even being single. At the same time, I’m in awe of those who love to be on the road and are so good at it. Where do you fit on the spectrum?

Collecting Words by Brian Fouhy


8 comments for “Setting Down Single Roots”

  1. I am definitely one for setting down roots. I just signed a lease for my 8th year in the same one-bedroom apartment!

  2. Petra says:

    I’m a nester and I love to put down roots. I love, LOVE, walking into my house on a bitterly cold day, entering the warmth of my home and feeling like it’s giving me a great big hug.

    But I’m also excited to think about finding a new community again (yes, thinking ahead to retirement–best to consider my options now while I’ve got a number of years to go!) And I do love road trips!

  3. Petra says:

    Walkable, bikeable, small city with plenty of cultural/intellectual amenities, reasonably affordable, food co-op, great farmers market, a mix of ages, good public transportation, politically leans liberal. Basically, a college town (with a sizeable university).

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