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Good to Have On Hand

Regular FPS readers know that I regularly enjoy a martini. To streamline the process, I take a jar of olives, drain it of liquid, fill it back up with vermouth and keep the jar stored in the fridge. When I’m ready for a drink, I pull the frozen martini glass from the freezer, add a couple of vermouth-soaked olives and pour in the vodka (or gin, as you please). Cheers!

Painting by Erika Lee Sears


4 comments for “Good to Have On Hand”

  1. Claire says:

    Brilliant! If one likes dirty martinis would you recommend leaving some of the brine and adding vermouth?

    • wendy says:

      Excellent question. Before I answer that, I’d first need to understand what quality you’re going for in a dirty martini –

      • Claire says:

        I like the saltiness of the olive juice. Just like I like the salty water in an oyster 🙂

        • wendy says:

          I’ve really been mulling this over. And I think you’d miss some of the saltiness of the brine if you dump it all out.

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